Scalp MicroPigmentation

Scalp Micropigmentation creates the look of a shaved or short hairs coming through the scalp by strategically placing pigments that look like short or shaved hair, even in totally bald areas. HairDezire is the world’s leader in hair restoration and was the first hair clinic in the world to offer Scalp Micropigmentation treatment for hair loss. Since then many clinics have tried to copy our technique and results.

Is Scalp MicroPigmentation Right For Me?
Over the years we have helped over 10,000 clients regain their self esteem using this technique, and often they have talked about the treatment giving them back their life. Our clients are of all ages ranging from students to international celebrities, SMP is a truly cost effective and permanent solution to balding and thinning as it doesn’t require any medication or significant maintenance. We have clinics worldwide with specialist SMP technicians that can help you with all your questions, start with an online consultation, sending in photos or simply calling us to book your treatment or personal consultations.

This treatment for hair loss is delivered over 2 – 3 sessions where the technician carefully places pigments into the scalp creating the look of a hair follicle that is breaking through the scalp. For those who don’t have any hair in the area this allows them to get the look of a shaved hairstyle while those who have thin hair gain the advantage of removing the contrast between hair and scalp making the hair look thicker and denser. The time for each session depends on the size of are that is to be treated, the density required and working with longer hair is usually slower then working with shaved or short hairstyles.

Unique benefits of the Vinci SMP method are:
Treatment sessions are done in a matter of hours allowing you to conduct normal day to day activities straight away.
There is no real healing time
Looks completely natural
Can be applied even if you have no hair at all.
Can fit more modest budgets

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