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The treatment of PRP or Platelet-rich Plasma is one of the extremely effective solutions for hair loss problems. In this process, the specialist collects PRP from the client's blood and injects them in the hair missing area of the scalp to regenerate the hair germination. This treatment comprises three critical surgical techniques and the whole procedure is done under local anesthesia. PRP hair treatment in Mumbai has become quite popular among both men and women who want enhancement in their hair growth rate.

The traditional procedures of PRP are-

Blood Collection: An adequate amount of blood is taken from the client's arm through injecting needles.

Separating The Plasma: The collected blood is put into a centrifuge in order to separate platelet-poor plasma, red blood cells and platelet-rich plasma. The whole separation process usually takes 10-15 minutes, then the specialist collects the PRP (platelet-rich plasma) from the collected blood.

Injection of PRP In the Scalp: In the final step, the specialist injects the collected PRP through a syringe in the specific areas of the scalp that are suffering heavy hair fall or hair thinning.

Benefits of PRP Treatment

The PRP in the blood has growth factors that play a significant role in healing wound and graft production. Through the PRP treatment, the surgeon collects the growth factors from the client's own blood and injects them in their hairless scalp to generate the hair germination. This growth factor drives adequate blood flow in the hair roots and further drives the hair follicles to conceive new hairs. This is the most natural way of enhancing hair growth and arresting hair loss problems.

Cost of PRP Treatment

PRP hair treatment in Mumbai is very affordable and the operation is completely safe and effective. The occurrence of the result may take a few months (6-8 months) but the final outcome is completely natural and thoroughgoing. With PRP treatment, people can boost their natural hair growth and revitalise their youthfulness with a head full of hair.

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Sajeed Shaikh

m very very happy with results.the post transplant service was excellent.they had taken good care of mine during transplant. very good staff.overall it was very very good. i suggest who r looking for transplant this is the best with low charges & high quality of service.

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"HairDezire is knowledgeable, trust worthy and personable. Staff is professional and friendly and have been very helpful with scheduling and accommodating appointments I underwent hair transplant procedure and I am very pleased with the results. Very natural effect!.

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I have contacted HairDezire Medical Team through online medium and they have provide all necessary information of hair transplant so finally I have decided to do hair transplant from Hairdezire all staff are very professional and got very good result they are very caring and I would recommend to all how are looking for hair transplant and they are very economical and good quality job....

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I had done hair transplant last 9 month back now i have fantastic result as what i have looking for thanks to all staff and Dr.

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I underwent for hair transplant from HairDezire last 6 month back so result is good what i expected from medical team...