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Hair Wigs & Patches

Wigs & Patches

Hair Loss and bald patches are the intractable problems that have become quite common in both men and women. Artificial hair systems, popularly known as wig and patches are the ultimate alternatives to deal with this balding problem without undergoing any crucial surgeries like FUE, PRP, Hair Implantation etc.

These Hair systems are easy to use and give instant results. They are affordable and are available in various sizes, colours and texture. People can get themselves wigs or patches on the preference of their existing hair type to look more natural. Artificial Hair systems are made of both synthetic material and real human hair. So if you are looking for an effective non surgical hair replacement solution, Wigs & Patches are the ultimate options for you!

Hair Weaving

People who are suffering through hair thinning problems usually opt for Hair Weaving. This is a non-surgical solution to add volume and thickness to one's natural hair. At our hair weaving clinic in Mumbai, hair strands made of synthetic material or real human hair are sewn in one's naturally long hair. Apart from the sewn-in technique, clients can also opt for hair clipping or glueing. The hair bonding, the weaving technique is practised for a long-term solution.

The attached hair strands give natural volume to long hair without making one looking artificial. This is extremely effective and safe and clients can remove the strands easily with professional help. Women mostly with medium to long hair opt for this hair weaving solution to deal with the hair thinning process. The strands naturally merge into one's existing hair and they can be treated like normal hair.

The hair weaving cost in Mumbai usually depends on the hair strand material and the number of strands. Human hair artificial hair strands are costlier than synthetic ones. The number of hair strands to be used also determines the total cost of the entire weaving technique.


While hair weaving is done for long-term hair thinning solution, the hair bonding is done for a temporary fix. While in the weaving process, the artificial hair strands are attached to natural hair through the sewn-in technique, in the bonding process, the artificial hair strands are attached to the bald hair section using strong glue. The glue used for hair bonding is skin-friendly and safe. Like hair weaving, hair binding also adds instant volume to hair and makes one look natural.

In comparison to the hair weaving cost and method, this bonding process takes less time and is also much more affordable. At our hair weaving clinic in Mumbai, people with long hair, especially women who want cheap yet effective solutions to hide their bald patches or to add extra volume to their thin hair, usually opt for this bonding process. The hair strands used for binding are available in both synthetic and real human hair materials.

Hair Patch

Hair patch treatment is one of the most effective non surgical hair replacement solutions in which an artificial hair system like hair patch is attached on the bald area of the scalp using skin-friendly adhesive. People who are afraid of surgical procedures of hair implantation, this is the easiest, painless and quickest solution. Unlike a wig attachment, the hair specialist only uses hair patches to hide the bald or hairless areas in the head. The hair in the artificial patch is chosen according to the person's hair texture and colour. Hair patch treatment gives a completely natural look with the lowest detectable probability. In comparison with fancy wigs, hair patch price is pretty affordable, especially hair patch for man. At our clinic for non surgical hair replacement in Mumbai, the hair specialist follow steps while bonding procedures-

Shaving and Cleansing: In this first step of hair patch treatment in Mumbai, the specialist detects the bald patches or the hairless areas in the scalp. Then she/she shaves the portion to assure there is no hair. The next step is cleansing of the surface to remove scalp oil.

Attaching: Once the cleaning procedure is done, the specialist then selects a hair patch according to the client's hair colour and texture. Then she/he attaches the artificial hair patch on the bald position using a strong adhesive that is completely safe and skin-friendly.

Trimming: Once the hair system is securely attached on the scalp, the specialist trims the excess hair to merge the artificial hair into the existing hair so that in the final glimpse, the hair looks completely natural and undetectable.

Evaluating the price for hair patch treatment actually depends on the measure of the bald portion of one's head. However, The overall cost for Hair Patch Treatment Price for Man in Mumbai is quite cheaper than other places, thanks to the infinite availability of multi-range stock and popularity due to high demand.

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Sajeed Shaikh

m very very happy with results.the post transplant service was excellent.they had taken good care of mine during transplant. very good staff.overall it was very very good. i suggest who r looking for transplant this is the best with low charges & high quality of service.

Kausar Ali

"HairDezire is knowledgeable, trust worthy and personable. Staff is professional and friendly and have been very helpful with scheduling and accommodating appointments I underwent hair transplant procedure and I am very pleased with the results. Very natural effect!.

Asim Khan

I have contacted HairDezire Medical Team through online medium and they have provide all necessary information of hair transplant so finally I have decided to do hair transplant from Hairdezire all staff are very professional and got very good result they are very caring and I would recommend to all how are looking for hair transplant and they are very economical and good quality job....

Mustakim Khan

I had done hair transplant last 9 month back now i have fantastic result as what i have looking for thanks to all staff and Dr.

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I underwent for hair transplant from HairDezire last 6 month back so result is good what i expected from medical team...