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Hair Transplant

What is a Hair Transplant?

Hair Transplant is one of the best contemporary solutions to balding problems and it is an elaborate surgery that includes several complex steps and procedures to fill a bald patch in one's scalp with hair follicles collected from other parts of the same person's body. The disciplinary procedures for Hair Transplant include two steps. The primary step is cleansing the scalp and anesthetizing the particular area of the head. In the second procedure, the surgeon carefully injects the hair follicles into the balding area. People who have chronic hair fall issues and cannot get benefitted from consistent medication, Trichologists tend to suggest the surgery of Hair Transplant is the ultimate solution.

Men and women both can opt for this surgery to get natural hair growth back. Our hair transplant clinic in Mumbai and Hair Transplant Goa Clinic performs a variety of Hair Transplant Operations at a very affordable rate. Our clinic has certified surgeons, Trichologists, and skilled nursing crew who are sincerely dedicated to serving people with balding problems. The state-of-the-art surgical equipment and high-quality custom-processing make our service for hair transplant to be extremely reliable and safe with no potential risks. Contact us to book your appointment with our specialists.

Different types of hair transplants?

The condition of alopecia can be caused due to various reasons. Some of the major causes are hereditary, stress, chemo treatment, excessive application of a chemical (hairstyling products) and many more. Since hair is an important feature of a person's overall appearance, the problem of baldness plausibly negatively affects a person's psychological temper and makes them feel older and unattractive. Sometimes, hair medication also fails to show the desired results and then no option left but the hair transplant.

Our hair transplant center in Ranchi, Impression Skin-Hair & Cosmetic Hub practices a variety of hair transplant surgeries to rescue people from the hairlessness condition. Consider our service and get your youthfulness back!


The cost of hair transplant depends on how much scalp area to be covered in one surgery. Thankfully due to the excellent compensation of advanced equipment and tools, our service for hair transplant in Mumbai is cheaper than other major cities in India.

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)

FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction is one of the natural and safe varieties of Hair Transplant. In this particular transplantation process, the surgeon finds the scalp canals in the balding area and plant hair follicles collected from the other hairy part of the scalp into those canals. This technique is highly effective and painless. At our FUE hair transplant surgery clinic Pune, the specialist surgeon extracts the hair follicle from the one hair part of the scalp and plans them to the hair canals in the hairless area. FUE is highly recommended for-

  • People with Backward Hairline
  • People with Bald Patches
  • People with Partial Hair Loss

The FUE procedures include three major steps-

1.Collection: The expert surgeon extracts the hair grafts from the hairy area of the scalp. This procedure is painless and done using local anesthesia.

2.Canal Stage: Here the expert finds the hair canals in the balding scalp and enlarges them enough that they can espouse the graft plantation.

3.Plantation: This the final step, where the surgeon meticulously plants each collected hair into each section of hair canals by transferring the graft through scalp skin.

Our Hair Transplant Delhi and is Hair Transplant Bhopal clinics well-known for highly safe FUE surgery and our medical team uses advanced medication along with the latest technologies. We ensure the maximum success rate for this operation since the technique is thoroughly natural. We also prescribe effective medication for after the surgery to assure less irritation and fast recovery. The effective result will be shown after 4-6 months from the successful surgery.

Hairline Reconstruction

The frontal hairline is one of the most seen parts of a person and hair loss from this portion makes one's hair look thin and the forehead seems larger. To fix this, our Hair Transplant Bhubaneswar and Hair Transplant Raipur Clinic practice a unique method of Hairline Reconstruction by using the techniques of Follicular unit extraction or FUE and Direct Hair Transplant.

Our specialists point every feature of your face to mark the precise hairline in your front portion of your head. Our specialist also offers special consideration to the clients' demand if they want an artistic hairline. In the FUE technique, we extract the hair grafts from the donor areas of the body like chest, back scalp or the beard. In the second method i.e. Direct Hair Transplant, the surgeon carefully plants the collected hair grafts into the hair canals made in the artificial hairline. The whole procedure is done under local anesthesia within 7-8 hours. To enjoy affordable pricing consider our clinic for Hair Transplant Patna.

Unshaven Hair Transplant

Unshaven Hair Transplant or Undetectable FUE is usually the technique planting the hair follicles without shaving the recipient area. Men and women usually opt for this surgery as it makes the surgery scars less visible. They don't have to wait for longer for the natural hair growth to cover the surgery scars. The existing long hair naturally hides the redness of surgery.

Our Hair Transplant Trivandrum and Hair Transplant Nashik Clinic are well-known for extremely safe and affordable Unshaven Hair Transplant surgery. Our expert surgeons follow traditional techniques of FUE and direct hair plantation to ensure maximum safety and convenience. With superior technical assistance and precautionary comfort, our surgeons conduct the surgery with premium safety-catch to bypass any potential risks or infections. On the successful completion of the surgery, our standard conversance ascertains 3-4 weeks for the recovery period and after 3-6 months, the client can see expected results in natural hair growth and volume.

Beard And Mustache Transplant

Having a dense moustache and beard is every man's dream. Hairless patches is also a great issue faced by many men and it also affects the impression of the face. Our Hair Transplant Indore and Hair Transplant Navi Mumbai Clinic has advanced facilities for Beard And Mustache Transplant. Like any other hair transplant technique, this process also follows the methods of FUE and direct hair implantation.

The whole procedure is extremely safe and conducted under general anesthesia. The general recovery time is 3-4 weeks and for natural hair growth, the person may have to wait for 3-5 months. The surgeons collect hair grafts through FUE technique from the donor part of the beard or moustache area and then, the collected hairs are directly implanted on the skin canals in the patched areas. People opt for this surgery to cover the hairless patches in the face to get a full and dense beard and moustache. Contact Hair Dezire Clinic for Hair Transplant Jabalpur and Hair Transplant in Thane and get the flawless masculine look.

Eyebrow Reconstruction

Eyebrow Reconstruction is the same as the moustache and beard transplantation and it is practiced on the eyebrows area. People who have thin eyebrows or eyebrow patches or no eyebrows, usually opt for this surgery. The surgeons apply local anesthesia on the eyebrows before starting the surgery. Using FUE methods, the surgeons extract the hair grafts from the donor area and then directly implant them into the root canals of hair in the eyebrow zone.

Our clinics for Hair Transplant Sambalpur and Hair Transplant Lucknow practice the eyebrow reconstruction surgery at a very affordable rate. Our cosmetic surgeons not only fill the patchy gaps of eyes brows using FUE and direct hair implantation formula but also design an artistic eyebrow line to give an attractive appeal to our client's face. Like other transplantation surgery, eyebrow reconstruction also takes 3-4 weeks for the recovery period and the natural growth of eyebrows can be seen after the 3-6months of the successful surgery. Contact us to know more about the pricing.

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Sajeed Shaikh

m very very happy with results.the post transplant service was excellent.they had taken good care of mine during transplant. very good staff.overall it was very very good. i suggest who r looking for transplant this is the best with low charges & high quality of service.

Kausar Ali

"HairDezire is knowledgeable, trust worthy and personable. Staff is professional and friendly and have been very helpful with scheduling and accommodating appointments I underwent hair transplant procedure and I am very pleased with the results. Very natural effect!.

Asim Khan

I have contacted HairDezire Medical Team through online medium and they have provide all necessary information of hair transplant so finally I have decided to do hair transplant from Hairdezire all staff are very professional and got very good result they are very caring and I would recommend to all how are looking for hair transplant and they are very economical and good quality job....

Mustakim Khan

I had done hair transplant last 9 month back now i have fantastic result as what i have looking for thanks to all staff and Dr.

Veru Sudame

I underwent for hair transplant from HairDezire last 6 month back so result is good what i expected from medical team...